Tuesday 25 April 2023



A different type of TV viewing…


A month or so back when I saw my parents, they said they had just finished watching something (Sunboy or something like that) and that it was weird. They said they’d recorded it a while ago...but that it had gone a bit wrong!

     I was like: “What do you mean, gone wrong?”

    Well, due to various things replacing the normal schedule, their Sky box hadn’t stacked the episodes neatly and some were not in the stack. When viewing, as they don’t press ‘Continue’ like I tell them to, Dad hadn’t realised and played them in order of what WAS stacked.

     They watched 1, 2, 4, 7, 5 and the final episode 8 before doing 3, 6 and then 8 again... It was only during the initial batch when they got to episode 8 that things didn’t make sense that they then did 3, 6 having found them! They had thought it a very odd programme doing 1, 2, 4, 7, 5 first…how they got 7 and 5 muddled, whoooo knows?!?!

     I don’t think they really knew what was happening, but said it was a sad story overall… They had got some of the gist of it and watching the final episode again helped.


I mean?!!!!!!? Can I trust them with ANYTHING?!