Sunday 16 July 2023

The Inner Thoughts of a Hungry and Cheeky Bunny

Initially written as a two-hundred words story for a competition and now slightly edited/extended.

Hungry. Waiting. Hungry. Waiting.

What is that thing she’s looking at and tapping? I like to nibble the rubber casing that it’s trapped in on the occasions that she’s stupid enough to leave it on the floor.

Using my paws, I’ve had a try at tapping too, and there were things moving around under my paws, but my eyes didn’t see the interest – personally.

Bored now! I know, I’ll speed things along…



‘Don’t do that Peeps, you’ll hurt your teeth.’

I’m not worried about my teeth, it’s tummy I’m thinking about…

Damn, it’s not worked…she’s stroking my head now. I know, I’ll look cute: eyes wide, nose twitching…

Anyhow, ‘Peeps…’ what’s that about? I’m sure she called me Sweep when I first arrived! All these nicknames make it hard to know when she’s talking to me…and equally easy for me to deny I’m being spoken to! Afterall, I’m a rabbit, not a monkey. So, when she says, ‘Stop eating the carpet Monkey, or Piglet…’ how am I meant to know that is meant for me, Sweep – rabbit?

Finally, there’s movement. She must have heard my rumbling tummy.

            Success! A nice pile of hay. Think I’ll do what I did yesterday and put four large bits in at once, that got her worried! That’ll teach her to keep me waiting!

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