Tuesday 5 December 2023

Part 1 - My parents on holiday!


Last month, my parents went on holiday to Cyprus. My Dad changed his alarm clock to two hours ahead and set the alarm for the time that they wanted to be up in the morning.

At 6am, UK time, I got up and text them 'Good morning' thinking that (as 8am there) they would be up, probably have had or going to have breakfast... Instead, there was a slight delay in reply and then I discover that although Dad had set the alarm to wake them up, he'd been so busy changing the main time to the two hours ahead, he'd failed to noticed that he'd set the alarm for 6pm not 6am! 

They had wanted to be up early. Both had slept in! They probably needed it as I know they left early for the airport the day before. Mum said if my text hadn't woken them, they might still be asleep! We did laugh!

Next Tuesday will be another adventure from their holiday!

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Not quite as intended...

 ...although it did make us laugh!

A few weeks back, my friend X and I had a 'Movie Night.' Now to many of you, this would seem perfectly normal. Well, it is...only we usually end up causing a bit of chaos!

One time we borrowed X's son's laptop and (despite me being GOOD with technology) we could NOT get the DVD to play without having to phone her son and husband!

Another time, we borrowed a mini DVD player from my Mum...sounds fine. Yes, but the screen is TINY and the sound soooo quiet that we needed to get a portable speaker that I have, prop it between us and listen super carefully....

You get the idea. Anyway, this time I decide that we should use Prime to watch something on a larger screen that we can actually hear.

If you've read my post about us loving a (what we now call) 'investigation walk' you know we have us down as Marple n Poirot. Therefore, we wanted something in the mystery genre that we could solve.

We found a couple of films (I'm a total chicken and was asking "Do you think that'd be scary?") and then found one that sounded PERFECT... A female that investigates a murder at an Italian hotel (even more perfect as X went on holiday there this year).

So, we start the film and quickly realise that we can't understand a word of it! I whizzed it forward to see if it would change...nope! I pressed subtitles and they were quite fast. We laughed, said it was typical of us.

We didn't fancy reading a film, so returned back to the menu. From the name of the actors/actresses the film mentioned, I think we should've guessed it was not English. But we're not that sensible!

I think it was in French (despite it being an Italian hotel) and talking of places other than England, check my blog posts throughout December - each Tuesday - for a mini series of what happened when my parents went away recently! No wonder things happen to me too - it clearly runs in the family!

Oh, if you're wondering, the next film that X and I selected was fine. Together, we solved the murder - although it was more X than me as I was convinced by the wrong person most of the way through. X said she thought it was a man, then I named which one. So I helped, sort of!

All good fun!

Tuesday 21 November 2023

The long wait...

 Typical me!

If you have read my September blog post about a parcel delivery not going to plan, this won't surprise you. If you haven't, let's just say that lots of things don't go to plan with me...and here's another example.

The other week, I was waiting for a delivery - some rechargeable, USB lights that are movement activated to put in the conservatory to save turning the lights on all the time. There's others around the house and they do a great job.

It shows as leaving depot just before midday, says I am third delivery - BONUS! 12:15-2:15...

Nope...the tracking map changes to ‘driver has a few more deliveries to make first’ and time updates to 2:45 cut off.

Nope...changes to: ‘arriving by 10pm’ and says, ‘sorry we didn’t make the slot’.


At this point, it was showing as having been in a specific location (about fifteen minutes away) for hours! I think the tracker must have got stuck! 

I kept my eye on the tracking map all day, no change. I listened out for door by changing what I was going to do (not making a noise etc) so that I would hear door.

At 5:30pm van was about five minutes away... Then, at about 5:45 it gets PUT THROUGH LETTERBOX!

All that waiting for them to put it through... The box was long and flat - not what I expected. I thought it would be bulkier and require a knock at the door! Wrong!

AND...they were meant to be optional cool white or warm white but are only cool 😕 

Typical me, hey?

Sunday 19 November 2023

Sunday Snippet - Accidental Death by Louise Wilford

Originally written for a group Halloween competition, the winner of the competition (author, Louise Wilford) has allowed me to share with you one of her other entries. Enjoy...

Accidental Death

‘Bit of all right, this, sir!’

‘How the other half live, Bridges.’

It was a routine case. Homeowner electrocuted in his living room. Accidental death. Sad, but we see this sort of thing all the time.

The facts that made it exceptional were that it happened on Halloween, the dead man was Miles Tessell, CEO of the biggest IT company in Cambridge, and the person who found him next morning was his new, much younger, glamour-model girlfriend, Tricia Makepeace.

The fallen lamp that had killed Mr Tessell lay beside his corpse on the Turkish rug.

Ms Makepeace was sitting on the upmarket sofa, sniffling into a tissue, still drop-dead gorgeous. When my old woman cries, her face looks like she’s done four rounds with Tyson Fury, but Ms Makepeace’s mascara was unsmudged.

Detective Bridges could barely keep his eyes off her – at least when he wasn’t staring round the gaff as if he’d never seen the inside of a posh house before. Personally, I find these techy modern mansions a bit unnerving. I mean, they had those Alexa things in every room. Ms Makepeace had already demonstrated by telling Alexa to open the blinds, and – whoosh! – they slid open like magic. How the other half live, indeed.

Weird, though. You’d think an electronics genius like Miles Tessell would know better than to get himself electrocuted by a desk lamp.

I thought I’d try something.

‘Alexa, turn on the lamp.’

There was a pause that was just a bit too long.

‘Do it yourself,’ said Alexa, in a nasty voice.

We all stared at the squat little machine on the coffee table in shock.

Then we heard a quiet click.

‘She’s locked us in!’ cried Tricia, just as the lamp burst into flames…

You can read other stories from Louise in:


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Here you will see the other competition entries alongside Lou's winning one! 

Thursday 16 November 2023

Rainbow's Orange Book of Poetry by Lily Lawson

My review of this fantastic poetry collection can be found at: https://youtu.be/5yBdn8eO8S8


Written review coming soon...


Did you see the Sunday Snippet from Lily Lawson?

Tuesday 14 November 2023


 The lesser of the two evils...

The other week when storm Ciaran hit, it was set to be a noisy night's sleep. I decided, as I was home alone, to sleep on the sofa as it would be quieter down there, and more sheltered from the noise of the wind and rain.

Now, it's important to point out that I have slept down there before when poorly - wanting a warmer room etc - and on the occasions where I am (again) home alone and I have fallen asleep with the TV on - yes, I am getting old!

Anyway, on this occasion, I bedded down with the sofa throw over me and the night light on for my house rabbit as she's used to this now. I DIDN'T put the light on under my parrot's cage as (a) it would make room brighter for me and (b) it actually needed new batteries having refused to turn on when I left for work earlier that day! Side note: When I leave and it's dark, I put that one on for just a little while as it has a remote with a timer as the parrot is scared of the dark! 

I had barely turned off the light when the parrot started making his loudest, most annoying squawking noise. So I decided to go and get some new batteries and thought that her night light perhaps wasn't enough as he's so used to having his on. Next side note: She's only had hers since the summer as I noticed she was quite active of a night still and she's getting older, so I wanted to be sure that she can see. Plus, when I have slept downstairs, he had his light on. If TV on, main light still on.

New batteries in. Attempt two...

I had barely closed my eyes when he then was at the bottom of his cage and started banging one of his monkey nuts (thrown from food bowl earlier) against the bottom cage - it's a fully metal surround so you can imagine the noise.

I told him to stop. Nope! He was NOT listening and just kept doing it... He usually likes to bang his toy as in photo) against the side of his cage, but he's not done this before.

I decided to that wind and rain were the lesser of the two evils and, thankfully, fell asleep there quite quickly - and stayed asleep - until my alarm went off the next morning!

Quite funny really, I suppose!