Tuesday 27 June 2023

Whoops and coming next week...


                                    Nearly famous…

Last month, I tried to order from a shop on Etsy some crystals for myself, and a couple for a friend... But it wouldn’t go through. Here follows a 'typical me' tale...

I contacted the seller, and she was so helpful. The thing is, she is a Vlogger on YouTube and talks about her Etsy shop on her vlogs! The whole time I was imagining her telling the world about my muddle! I'd be famous for all the wrong reasons! *

As the order wouldn’t go through, we banded some options about (I don’t have PayPal, nor do online banking - me old school). As none of the options were instantly possible, I tried again...and I ended up getting a free gift as she thought the 5% voucher comeback code was an issue and offered to send me something for free due to my hassle. I'd only got the comeback code as I hadn't made the order instantly and had been putting things in basket over a few days.

Feeling bad, I ordered extra of something and said not to send it as thought it too kind of her so she made some money back (as it was way more than 5% off otherwise) and then it did work - I think it was as I had signed up for an Etsy account by that point! Plus, I liked some of the new stock that had just been put on website, so ordered another stone too. Felt like that had made up for my issues!

Argh and typical me, eh?

* Thankfully she didn’t mention the turd who put in an order, but I DID see my box waiting to be posted (she vlogged that week saying these were ones to be posted and it fits with when mine was, and I can match the box/crease in the tape to what arrived) so that was quite fun!

COMING NEXT WEEK - Book review and author interview:

                                              The Solstice Baby & Other Stories by J.M.Langan

Tuesday 6 June 2023

Another giggle with (or at) Dad one!


But it’s in my hand and I can hear it!


Soooo, rewind to the other Saturday – Mum and I get back to mine and the smoke alarm on the top landing is beeping intermittently and I realise it needs a new battery. Trip to local supermarket (a FIVER for a battery that I have since seen as £2.50 elsewhere or a pack of TWO for £6, annoying…) anyway – collected a yummy Chinese for dinner and it was worth it, I guess!

Then, I get in from work on the Thursday evening and I can hear beeping! Nooooo, I think to myself, not again. It didn’t sound the same, but I went up to the landing to check. Nope, coming from downstairs. Look up at one in hallway (it’s a smoke/heat alarm and has a flashing light every forty-five seconds to show it is working properly) and it is still flashing as it should, so I was thinking perhaps a spider. Ask Dad to come over as you can’t open this particular type (unlike old-style one upstairs) and I am not sure I will be strong enough to untwist it etc and been dealing with dodgy shoulder...and I want to dust/hoover/test etc and see what happens…

    He arrives, we test. It appears fine, light still flashing as it should… Mmmm. We take it down (well, after a fashion as I had to get on chair to read which way to twist as Dad couldn’t see…) and I dust, still beeping…

    At this point the beeping DOESN’T sound like it is coming from it! I say that to Dad who disagrees and I go upstairs. We hear the beep again and it ISN’T the one upstairs but it doesn’t sound like the location of the beep has moved, yet Dad is standing away from where it had been on the ceiling…

    I say: “It just doesn’t sound like it’s coming from that!”

    He replies: “But it’s in my hand and I can hear it!”

    It had beeped again by then, to which I reply:

    “Yes, I know that but it just doesn’t sound like it’s coming from it…”

    It does it again…he has it up to his ear! I repeat that it doesn’t sound like it is coming from it, and why isn’t he jumping as it’s loud if by his ear?

    He repeats: “But it’s in my hand and I can hear it!”

    I say I know that but perhaps it’s the carbon monoxide alarm – there’s one on the stair well wood alongside landing…

    I go up and listen to that. Nope, nothing. He still has the other one to his ear and still doesn’t jump when it goes off but is stilllll saying that it must be and that he can hear it!

    I THEN remember the OTHER carbon monoxide alarm in the boiler cupboard. Open door, yup…source of beep found much to his confused face as he was stillllllll staring at the smoke alarm like it WAS that!

Hilarious, I did laugh – as did Mum when I phoned to say he was on his way home!

    Anyway, it wouldn’t stop beeping despite a battery change and the one from hallway was fine in cupboard (so all was Ok – best to have two, I learnt that a while ago – that’s another story) and I have ordered a second one as I DID buy a pack of two once upon a shopping trip but I cannot find the spare!

    I have, however, decided that when the hallway one goes I will have a matching one to replace it with...when I find it!