Tuesday 26 September 2023

The mystery continued...

 Lost, confused or something else? Part 2

Before you start reading, if you haven't read the post from last week then I suggest you go back and do so - or this won't make much sense!

My Mum arrived and X and I were now separated (but on the phone) as the man had entirely gone in a different direction and we didn't want to lose him (the field also has another gate to the main road in the way he had headed). I knew Mum wouldn't be able to see us if we both went after him and round the corner that he had gone!

When I was with Mum, we caught up with X and the man by going round the outside way. X had come across some dog walkers who hadn't wanted to help and as we re-entered the field we could see the man now off the path and in some wild flowers and grass that was quite tall.

I stood with X and my Mum approached the man.

She offered him a drink of water and this is how the conversation went:

"You look hot, would you like some water?"

"Oooh, mmmm."

"It's nice, look..." Mum had some.

She offered it to him and he took a sip, then said, "Ooh, it is nice - can I have some more?" 

Mum said yes and then he finished it! We knew that he was looking hot and this reinforced our thoughts. Mum then asked all the questions we had, but didn't get anywhere either so we decided to phone 101.

After being on the phone a while, doing laps of the smaller part of the field, the man eventually started heading towards the gate that X and I had wanted him to. We had been hanging back so I could inform the officer of where we were, what he looked like, what had happened. 

When we reached the gate, X asked if I minded her leaving as she needed to get to work. She went on her way and I followed Mum, the man and stayed on the phone to the female officer.

He crossed the main road carefully! Then we saw someone that we know walking her dog and thankfully she recognised him and was able to say where he lived to Mum and I. He was walking in front of us by now as I had caught up with Mum.

I told the officer and she said to follow and if he went into a property, call back and give the address. If he didn't, to call back and a patrol car would be sent. I received a text message reference number.

Kindly, the lady and her dog walked with us to ensure he went where she expected. And he did! He got his keys out of his pocket and went in the front door!

The lady then went off and on her proper dog walk and I said to Mum that - as I knew the people living at the next house to his (separated, not joined) that I thought we should knock before phoning the police as they may know more about him.

Their houses are at an L shape so when she and her husband said they don't see much of him, I wasn't surprised. Especially as he often uses the back gate, apparently.

However, she did then say a few odd things about him. He had also said something strange to Mum when she was walking with him that we weren't too sure about! Both things were about his family, but called into question in my mind as to if he was forgetful or something else was going on!

I won't go into detail here as I still can't be 100% sure that it's Ok to share - aka police matters. Anyway, what I can say is that he was often reluctant to answer his door and that there was 'history' with him and his address.

Therefore, I repeated the information she had told me when I called 101 back, telling them that it would all be on record from about five years ago and that his neighbours weren't too sure now about the state of things.

Later that evening, I had a call from the police, asking if we had definitely seen him go in. I said we had, so I think they HAD sent a patrol even though he was home.

The following day, I had another call to say that officers (including a local warden that I know) had again called round and that he wasn't answering. There were welfare concerns and that they would try again and that the doctors had been informed.

Just over a week later, the warden called again to say that help had been provided and thanked me for the initial phone call and follow up ones as - without support - this problem may not have been identified.

I haven't seen him around - not that I ever saw him before - and nor have I heard anything else, yet!

So, what with the 'smashed window' and bongo drums this then happening made that walk a VERY eventful one! Typical me!

Tuesday 19 September 2023

A even bigger mystery...

 Lost, confused or something else?

If you've read last week's blog post, you will know that my friend X and I were out for a walk a few week's back on a warm summer's afternoon. On the way to the first bit of trouble that we found (see last week's post if you haven't) we sort of already stumbled across what would turn out to be even BIGGER trouble!

As we were walking round, we spotted an elderly gentleman walking towards us. He was wearing a fleece with long sleeves and it was zipped up. 

He stopped as we were near to him and remarked, "I haven't seen anyone else in the time that I have been walking around here!" I replied to this that the field was often underused which was such a shame and he nodded. 

X and I both said, "Enjoy your walk!" Then we went on our way.

Immediately, X said to me that he looked hot. I agreed and said that if I was hot, that it must be - I am always cold btw! I added that I didn't think he was the 'full ticket' and she agreed, then asked me if I thought he was lost. 

We started discussing how we could ask him if we came across him again and I suggested something along the lines of, "How lucky we are to have this on our doorstop. We're just over there (pointing), where are you from?" and X said that was a good idea as it didn't say specifically where we lived (we are near each other) but it would help us know if he knew where he was or not.

Then we went on our way to the new build and the first bit of trouble...

Returning from that trouble (photos stored and ready to notify the local crime contact that I have) we spotted the man.

X exclaimed, "Oh no, he's still walking around. We'll have to use your plan."

As we got nearer to him, I attempted what I had suggested, but he just walked past this time and wouldn't stop to talk!

We then watched as he continued to do further laps of the different parts of the field! We were both concerned that he looked even hotter and was still walking...as well as how he had blanked us!

I text my Mum to ask advice as although X and I are both approaching middle age (yes, we don't act like it - I know!) and are old enough to know how to deal with situations, I was more concerned that if there was an illness there such as Alzheimer's or Dementia - or even a mental health issue, should we?

The reply was 'Ask if he is Ok as there are two of you.' It's the advice I knew she would give and what I had thought myself.

By this point, he kept stopping and looking over at us watching him. Undeterred, we walked round so that we could cross paths with him and when we did, I said: "I don't mean to be rude, but are you lost?"

This is how the conversation went - me: blue, him: orange, X: red.

"Well, oooh, mmm, ahhh."

"Which direction are you from? For example, home for us is over there?"

"Oooh, mmmm..."

"Do you know the name of the road?"

"I came from up above."

I looked at X who shrugged at me.

"Down some steps?"

"Oooh, mmmm..."

"What's it called?"

"Oooh, mmmm..."

"Near some shops or not?"

"Oooh, mmmm..."

At this point I decided to leave X trying to jog his memory, stood aside and called my Mum who had text to say that she'd join us if we needed. My call was to say 'Yes please' to her and to tell her how hot he was!

I then re-joined X and we tried to get him to head to one of the many gates to see if he recognised anything, but he wouldn't come with us.

He noticed my phone in my hand and asked the time (just after 5pm).

"Oooh, really?" he asked.

"Is it later than you thought?" I asked.

He didn't reply, so X added, "Have you been walking for longer than you realised?"

"I just really enjoy it," he said and walked off saying, "I'm going this way, and you can carry on that way."

He pointed to the way we had wanted him to go with us! Argh!

Having told my Mum that we'd be waiting near a gate, we decided to split up with X following him (and there were two dog walkers on the field now in that direction too) and me heading off to meet Mum to say he won't go the way we'd wanted.

Mum arrived and from here, the tale takes another turn...

But, you will have to wait for next week's blog post to read on! :)

Tuesday 12 September 2023

I PROMISE I don't set out looking for trouble...

 ...it just seems to find me!

The other week, I briefly mentioned that I had stumbled across two things that were police matters. Now is the time to tell you about one of them. Next week, I will tell you the other one!

So...it was a warm summer's afternoon a few weeks back when my friend X and I decided to go for a nice, leisurely walk.

We wanted to have a peep at a new build near the field we were walking on, so exited the field and took a look. It's nice, but not either of our styles and the location doesn't do much for it either. Anyway, we had to 'style out' our nosiness by walking down past the house as (firstly) there was someone in the house looking out at us, then there was a dog walker too. Rather than just turning round, we carried on down the lane and took a different turning which leads to a beautiful, yet mysteriously abandoned house!

However, on this occasion someone WAS home! We could hear a bongo drum being played - although we weren't entirely sure where the sound was coming from - and thought it odd as the house still looked so shut up and abandoned. As we walked back along the path, we noticed the window to the garage door (which is separate to the house) was smashed.

We decided we should take a photo so that we could report it, but so not to make it obvious (worried someone was looking out on us, who they were/what they were like - yes our imaginations were running away but you can never be too careful these days) X took a photo of me with the smashed window behind us.

Off we went on our way, saying it was inevitable that someone/a squatter etc would break-in there eventually, whilst discussing the mystery of why it is abandoned with nothing being known about it... X decided she was Miss Marple and asked who I was, I decided I was Poirot!

We were laughing and joking - but saddened that the window had been smashed and hoping the house wasn't going to be wrecked - yet, at this point, we had no idea that our afternoon was about to require a more immediate call to the police! Check back here next Tuesday to see why!

Tuesday 5 September 2023

The wrong parcel (not trousers)!

 The wrong parcel…


Why can’t I even accept a parcel delivery and it go to plan?

Last week, I was tracking a parcel and when it was near, I waited in the hallway (not right on top of the door, but near enough to allow the driver to be on their way quickly as I always think they appreciate that as they have so many deliveries).

Anyway, this time, I heard something be put down by the door. So, I rushed to it and opened the door only to see quite a small parcel sitting there. Having ordered two things, I wasn’t sure it was everything. I tore the paper bag open at the top and looked in. To my bemusement, it wasn’t mine! I yelled “Wrong parcel!” and then decided to go after him when nothing happened...

Home alone, I grabbed the front door key and put on some shoes. As I reached the end of the joining path, I heard a van in the distance. Typical. I wanted to be sure it was my delivery person and asked a man (who had just parked up with his young son). He confirmed that the driver had sped off in the direction of the road.

Knowing he could have turned left or right, I knew I would need to play detective to see where this parcel belonged as the label they use for codes had been stuck over the address.

I did however make out the name (just a man’s name, no surname) and could piece together the address by looking through the label I had peeled off. I could make out the last three parts of the postcode as this hadn't been stuck over.

I had a quick Google of the name of what I thought the property was called, and a Zoopla search confirmed it was as the postcode matched.

Next, I looked to see where it was and made a call ('I don’t want to go on my own, please come with me') and then I got changed – I had been doing housework and wasn’t exactly presentable enough for a short walk.

Just as I had removed my joggers, the door went. I opened the bathroom window and called, “Hang on!”

I ran down – having put my joggers back on (obviously) and opened the door to find a man holding my parcel.


This is how the conversation went as I picked up his and accepted mine from him:


“Thank you, I was just about to bring you yours, but I had to get changed.”

“It’s open?”

“Yes, the man didn’t knock but I knew I was the next delivery so I was waiting. I heard him put it down by the door. I thought it didn’t look big enough so ripped it open. I called 'wrong parcel' and ran after him, but he’d driven off.”

“What does the address say?”

“That’s the thing. It’s almost entirely covered. I didn’t notice until after I’d opened it.”

“Is this all that was in there?”

“Yes, I promise. I went running straight out – as a man who had just parked up could tell you. I came back and carefully peeled off the sticker and worked out your address. I Googled it, found you and needed to get changed as I was too scruffy to go out properly and then you knocked!”

At this point he huffed and walked off. I, however, called ‘thank you’ after him!

Perhaps he had been expecting another parcel too. His was wrapped in a paper bag, mine had been a box, so I was right that mine wouldn’t have fitted in there and was (indeed) larger.

Anyway, I had to share this as it's another 'typical me' story!