Tuesday 7 March 2023

It could only happen to me!


Here is another ‘It could only happen to me’ tale...

One Friday, Mum and I went into a nearby town to do a bit of shopping, and then popped into the Asda after.

went off to get some yoghurt, leaving Mum to peruse the milk for a good date (they were away on the Weds and she wanted a long life with a date for when they were back). 

I return, to find she is stilllll looking at the milk and now talking to some man (with a grey hat, and with a daughter in a buggy) about the dates of milk. 

Now, it’s important to point out that whilst I am not usually ratty, I reallllllly needed a wee (and OCD with germs me would rather not use a public loo)! So, I said something along the lines of “You still looking at the milk?” which was stating the obvious but a polite way of moving her along and stopping the conversation with the man. It didn’t work... Anyway, a minute or so later we were all on our way around the remaining aisles with the man wishing us a “Good day.” Manners do still exist after all...even if mine were hiding in my want to get home and relieve the pressure on my bladder!

Anyway, fast forward to me dropping Mum home, getting home and running in for a much needed wee and then – and the timing of this still gets me – deciding to walk down the road to check my friend’s letterbox (I had arrived home to a leaflet hanging out of mine) as she was away and due back that day and I didn’t want her to think I had been slacking on my duty.

I COULD have instead opted to unload the shopping first. But, no...off I went. I was going to cut through the garages near her, then round to the door, then back up her alley to do a round trip (my usual route) but something stopped me.

A woman talking to a man...in a grey hat...with shopping (aka milk with a good date)...and a little girl now out of the buggy! No, it couldn’t be?

I decided to cut up the alley instead as this would give me (a) time to decide if I was going mad... or (b) the chance to avoid him as it was surely too odd to see him when I have NEVER before seen him in my life, let alone two minutes from my house...and on the same day!!!!

My plan didn’t work (but I wasn’t going mad) as he said goodbye to who he was chatting to and his little girl mad a beeline for my friend’s grass outside her house and promptly fell on it just as I got there too!

This is how the conversation went:

ME: “Wow, this is too weird. Asda...milk!”

HIM: “Oh yes! Is this your house?”

ME: “No, it’s my friend’s. I’m just checking her letterbox...not that I am telling you she’s away. I don’t live far though.”

HIM: “That’s amazing!”

ME: “Yep, although it’s the sort of off thing that often happens to me. Anyway, as you said earlier – have a good rest of the day.”

HIM: “Bye!”

So, I either looked like some utter stalker weirdo or he believed me...it was the truth after all! Anyway, I haven’t seen him since...I do think a house near there was sold...but it also happens to be the way I walk to the field behind our road/houses...so we shall see! Typical me!

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