Tuesday 14 November 2023


 The lesser of the two evils...

The other week when storm Ciaran hit, it was set to be a noisy night's sleep. I decided, as I was home alone, to sleep on the sofa as it would be quieter down there, and more sheltered from the noise of the wind and rain.

Now, it's important to point out that I have slept down there before when poorly - wanting a warmer room etc - and on the occasions where I am (again) home alone and I have fallen asleep with the TV on - yes, I am getting old!

Anyway, on this occasion, I bedded down with the sofa throw over me and the night light on for my house rabbit as she's used to this now. I DIDN'T put the light on under my parrot's cage as (a) it would make room brighter for me and (b) it actually needed new batteries having refused to turn on when I left for work earlier that day! Side note: When I leave and it's dark, I put that one on for just a little while as it has a remote with a timer as the parrot is scared of the dark! 

I had barely turned off the light when the parrot started making his loudest, most annoying squawking noise. So I decided to go and get some new batteries and thought that her night light perhaps wasn't enough as he's so used to having his on. Next side note: She's only had hers since the summer as I noticed she was quite active of a night still and she's getting older, so I wanted to be sure that she can see. Plus, when I have slept downstairs, he had his light on. If TV on, main light still on.

New batteries in. Attempt two...

I had barely closed my eyes when he then was at the bottom of his cage and started banging one of his monkey nuts (thrown from food bowl earlier) against the bottom cage - it's a fully metal surround so you can imagine the noise.

I told him to stop. Nope! He was NOT listening and just kept doing it... He usually likes to bang his toy as in photo) against the side of his cage, but he's not done this before.

I decided to that wind and rain were the lesser of the two evils and, thankfully, fell asleep there quite quickly - and stayed asleep - until my alarm went off the next morning!

Quite funny really, I suppose!

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