Tuesday 28 November 2023

Not quite as intended...

 ...although it did make us laugh!

A few weeks back, my friend X and I had a 'Movie Night.' Now to many of you, this would seem perfectly normal. Well, it is...only we usually end up causing a bit of chaos!

One time we borrowed X's son's laptop and (despite me being GOOD with technology) we could NOT get the DVD to play without having to phone her son and husband!

Another time, we borrowed a mini DVD player from my Mum...sounds fine. Yes, but the screen is TINY and the sound soooo quiet that we needed to get a portable speaker that I have, prop it between us and listen super carefully....

You get the idea. Anyway, this time I decide that we should use Prime to watch something on a larger screen that we can actually hear.

If you've read my post about us loving a (what we now call) 'investigation walk' you know we have us down as Marple n Poirot. Therefore, we wanted something in the mystery genre that we could solve.

We found a couple of films (I'm a total chicken and was asking "Do you think that'd be scary?") and then found one that sounded PERFECT... A female that investigates a murder at an Italian hotel (even more perfect as X went on holiday there this year).

So, we start the film and quickly realise that we can't understand a word of it! I whizzed it forward to see if it would change...nope! I pressed subtitles and they were quite fast. We laughed, said it was typical of us.

We didn't fancy reading a film, so returned back to the menu. From the name of the actors/actresses the film mentioned, I think we should've guessed it was not English. But we're not that sensible!

I think it was in French (despite it being an Italian hotel) and talking of places other than England, check my blog posts throughout December - each Tuesday - for a mini series of what happened when my parents went away recently! No wonder things happen to me too - it clearly runs in the family!

Oh, if you're wondering, the next film that X and I selected was fine. Together, we solved the murder - although it was more X than me as I was convinced by the wrong person most of the way through. X said she thought it was a man, then I named which one. So I helped, sort of!

All good fun!

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