Tuesday 5 December 2023

Part 1 - My parents on holiday!


Last month, my parents went on holiday to Cyprus. My Dad changed his alarm clock to two hours ahead and set the alarm for the time that they wanted to be up in the morning.

At 6am, UK time, I got up and text them 'Good morning' thinking that (as 8am there) they would be up, probably have had or going to have breakfast... Instead, there was a slight delay in reply and then I discover that although Dad had set the alarm to wake them up, he'd been so busy changing the main time to the two hours ahead, he'd failed to noticed that he'd set the alarm for 6pm not 6am! 

They had wanted to be up early. Both had slept in! They probably needed it as I know they left early for the airport the day before. Mum said if my text hadn't woken them, they might still be asleep! We did laugh!

Next Tuesday will be another adventure from their holiday!

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