Thursday 7 December 2023

Book review - Santa's Early Christmas by Lily Lawson

I laughed out loud! 

From my time teaching primary aged pupils, I am a huge fan of stories that rhyme as I think they flow so well. I can often be found making up my own such stories, or phrasing instructions in a fun, rhyming fashion... Therefore, the moment I started reading Santa's Early Christmas I had a smile on my face :)

The story is a witty take on events that might occur at the North Pole before Christmas Eve and it made me laugh out loud in many places.

From trousers that don't do up, to a sleepy Santa there's a humour to each page that adults and children will both appreciate.

One of my favourite pages is the following:

as I think it's genius about sky traffic having alcohol/speeding rules like we do on roads!

The short and concise rhymes on each page make the story whip along quickly and it's perfect for those with shorter attention spans, or those just looking for a quick read.

I love the way the text is presented within the illustrations, with the holly framing each part. Plus, the illustrations (by Gustyawan) are so apt for the story. If you look carefully, things are slightly wonky and that - to me - adds to the notion of the fun Santa's having and him being a bit off kilter.

The ending of the actual story is appropriate and will especially make children smile. Then, just when you think you are finished, there's a bonus (and rather funny) poem followed by another rhyme with part message to the reader - a lovely touch.

Lily Lawson has delivered a special gift in this book, just like Santa does himself...

It's very worth purchasing as it's something that you could read year upon year. It's available on Amazon in Kindle format or paperback:

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